Sharing non-DICOM
is now a non-issue.

Manage and share patient non-DICOM documents more seamlessly than ever. Conserus Clinical Data Exchange gives care providers complete access to longitudinal health records across enterprises and regions, providing a better understanding of your patients’ medical histories.

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Longitudinal health records at your fingertips.

Multiple departments, facilities and imaging disciplines (the ‘ologies) that operate independently of each other can make it difficult to access the clinical documents and patient records you need. That’s where Conserus™ Clinical Data Exchange can help. This family of products offers a patient-centered approach to reducing manual workflows, liberating data, and sharing the patient’s longitudinal record across departments, within enterprises and throughout regions, regardless of where the patient receives care.

Conserus™ Clinical Data Exchange enables you to manage and share non-DICOM images (and image-related documents) across all image-generating departments. This standards-based solution aggregates clinical data from siloed departments, enabling clinicians to access available images, documents and radiology studies across the care continuum from a single interface. It provides a sharing infrastructure that is safe, manageable, flexible, and can be deployed in any environment, irrespective of the incumbent PACS or VNA vendor.

Ubiquitous access to published clinical documents gives healthcare providers a better overall understanding of patient records. And as part of our ongoing commitment to standards-based connectivity and communication, Conserus Clinical Data Exchange can connect to any XDS / XDS-I enabled system, helping users achieve enterprise storage, clinical distribution, and clinical workflow solutions.

Conserus Clinical Data Exchange enables you to manage and share non-DICOM images (and image-related documents) across all image-generating departments.

Conserus Clinical Data Exchange Helps Organizations to:

  • Collaborate within an ACO model
  • Centralize non-DICOM documents
  • Improve continuity of patient care
  • Reduce or eliminate:
    • Portable media
    • Duplicate exams
    • Redundant radiation
    • Unnecessary patient transfers

Conserus Clinical Data Exchange Includes:

  • Standards-based infrastructure
  • Manage and share the patient’s images and related clinical documents, across one or more healthcare enterprises
  • Single view of patient images and related clinical documents
  • Turnkey approach to modular or enterprise deployment model
  • Remote system monitoring and evaluation

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