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Intelligent Worklist and Business Rules Help Improve Imaging Efficiency Over Multiple Facilities and PACS

An inefficient workflow makes it difficult for radiologists to do their job. With disparate systems and data, it is difficult to manage business objectives and care. Organizations strive to put the right case in front of the right doctor at the right time — which is better business health and better patient care.


Customer Success Stories

Capturing—and Maximizing—the Promise of Interoperability: How one healthcare system is doing it with help from McKesson

Interoperability: It’s the Holy Grail of healthcare. Everyone wants to obtain it, but it still remains elusive, particularly in cross-department and cross-enterprise patient data sharing. Read how one healthcare organization is helping to deliver interoperability even with nontraditional patient data and imaging


Making Virtualization a Reality: UnityPoint Health and the Virtual Server Solution

As larger healthcare systems continue to grow, often merging with smaller regional and rural hospitals, information technology (IT) leaders are pressed to find innovative ways to deal with interoperability and data sharing across the enterprise. UnityPoint Health, a multi-campus health system in Iowa, needed to integrate a variety of radiologic and medical imaging systems across their rapidly expanding community. Learn how they achieved their goals


UMass Interventional Radiologists Work to Fill Gap in Peer Review Process

Peer review is a method doctors and health researchers use to hold the work of their whole industries accountable, including within the field of diagnostic radiology. But most interventional radiology practices don’t have similar standardized processes with which to verify work among radiologists.


Alberta Health Services Uses Blind Peer Review to Drive Improved Patient Outcomes

In 2011, officials at Alberta Health Services (AHS) made a startling discovery. A number of CT studies in a rural community had been misinterpreted, raising questions about patient care. As a result of the incident, the province’s Minister of Health called for a thorough examination of quality assurance practices in radiology.


Conserus Workflow Intelligence: Providing Continuous Improvement in a Variety of Ways

One of the most practical ways MCW radiologists use Conserus Workflow Intelligence is to automatically facilitate peer and resident reviews. And by taking advantage of the solution’s full potential, they are able to go beyond the bare minimum and track significant mistakes that may otherwise get lost in the shuffle.


Nyack Hospital Provides Innovative and Accessible Care Services

Our greatest challenge was flagging the emergent and urgent cases. Like many hospitals, we are flooded with cases inappropriately marked STAT. Our workflow intelligence solution has automated this process by integrating information about the patient’s location, exam type, ordered priority and time of day to assign a priority number. The highest priority cases are read first



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