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The demand put on radiologists is growing. Conserus Workflow Intelligence™ rules engine gives you clear visibility into radiology workflow across the enterprise, making it easy to ensure that work is assigned and completed in an efficient manner. And because it's customizable to your existing processes, you can streamline radiology workflow however it best suits the needs of your organization.

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Remove silos. Improve visibility.

The business of medical imaging is changing. Declining reimbursement, slow volume growth, increasing competition, consolidation and other healthcare trends are challenging enterprise visibility. Business entities that have contracts with radiology groups using homogeneous and/or heterogeneous PACS vendors need imaging services that include the multiple imaging facilities within. At the same time, there’s a growing need for radiologists to analyze and track outcomes, implement changes based on trends and generate metrics to show improvements.

Conserus Workflow Intelligence is a vendor neutral, flexible radiology workflow rules engine created to remove silos of information and improve enterprise visibility. Connecting seamlessly in heterogeneous system environments to consolidate interpretation and quality tasks, the rules engine allows each organization to define their own radiology workflow and business rules. This enables efficient, predictable and robust processes across the enterprise. But it’s the system’s ability to leverage resources and IT investments that shows real value, improves quality and decreases the cost of ownership.

Conserus Workflow Intelligence Enterprise Worklist

Conserus Workflow Intelligence™ Enterprise Worklist is a flexible workflow rules engine that helps drive efficient, predictable and robust quality and interpretation workflow processes within and across multiple departments and users. Our advanced technology uses intelligent assignment and re-assignment of tasks, sophisticated prioritization capabilities, integrated communication tools and escalations to ensure tasks are completed and the loop is closed.

Because it is highly customizable, you can streamline virtually any radiology workflow and communication process throughout the exam lifecycle. This allows you to modify workflows and make continuous improvements as needed, keeping current with ever changing regulatory, quality, operational and clinical policies. As a vendor neutral workflow orchestration and enterprise worklist solution, it offers an integrated single cockpit to serve users working in multi-facility and/or multi-vendor distributed PACS environments, providing a single view of all “work to be done.”

Conserus Workflow Intelligence Enterprise Worklist Helps Healthcare Organizations:
  • Optimize clinician resources
  • Unify enterprise worklists that run across multiple PACS and applications
  • Quickly adjust and streamline radiology workflow to meet new emerging clinical, quality and regulatory needs
  • Eliminates siloed solutions
  • Track successful workflow orchestration across facilities and PACS vendors
  • Consolidate and analyze data in a single location
  • Drive efficiencies in clinical workflow
  • Realize intelligent assignment and re-assignment across multiple facilities and sub-specialties
  • Prioritize and escalate issues to help meet business objectives
Conserus Workflow Intelligence Enterprise Worklist Includes:
  • Unified and vendor neutral enterprise worklists
  • Intelligent assignment and re-assignment of tasks
  • Flexible workflow and business rules
  • Sophisticated prioritization capabilities
  • Integrated communication tools
Conserus Workflow Intelligence is a flexible workflow rules engine that helps drive efficient, predictable and robust quality and interpretation workflow processes within and across multiple departments and users.

Conserus Workflow Intelligence Quality Workflows

Conserus Workflow Intelligence Quality Workflows bridges communication gaps with a comprehensive view of the enterprise healthcare workflow. This radiology workflow solution automates quality and regulatory workflows — from the clinician to the ER physician and beyond — by removing manual processes and clumsy workarounds. It connects disparate applications, eliminates communication barriers and tailors workflows to your unique site needs.

Conserus Workflow Intelligence Quality Workflows Helps Healthcare Organizations:
  • Automate radiology workflows
  • Eliminate interdepartmental communication barriers
  • Monitor process performance, analytics, sequence issues and delays
  • Alert staff to missed steps and workflow bottlenecks
Conserus Workflow Intelligence Quality Workflows Includes:
  • Business Intelligence, including comprehensive reporting and 360 degree search
  • Custom Workflows, such as request for patient medical images, stroke alert, OR review, order validation and appropriateness, and more
  • Standard workflows, including Peer Review, Critical Test Results Management, Radiology ED Discrepancy Tracking, Technologist Review Solutions, Real-Time Consultation, Coding Discrepancy Management and more


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